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linux ac: Print how long the current user has been connected in hours



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Tracking the time a user has been connected to a Linux system can be a valuable piece of information for monitoring their activity. Fortunately, the ac command in Linux allows us to view this information effortlessly. By using the ac command along with a few additional options, we can print the duration of the current user's session in hours.

To start, open your terminal and type the following command:

ac --hours

This will display a table showing the user's login name, total minutes connected, and their idle time within the system. To specifically print the duration in hours, we can modify the command slightly:

ac --hours | awk '{print "User:", $1, "- Hours Connected:", $4}'

In this revised command, we pipe the output of the ac --hours command to awk, a text processing tool, which allows us to manipulate the output further.

Once executed, the command will display the username and the number of hours connected to the system. This information can be helpful in various scenarios, such as monitoring user productivity or managing system resources.

Remember, it is important to note that the ac command may require administrative privileges to access the required files. Therefore, ensure that you have appropriate permissions before running these commands.

**In conclusion, the ac command in Linux provides a simple yet powerful way to print the duration of a current user's session in hours. By using the ac command along with additional options and text processing tools like awk, we can easily extract the desired information from the system logs. Whether you are monitoring user activity or managing system resources, this technique can prove to be valuable in gaining insights into user sessions. Give it a try in your Linux environment and harness the power of the ac command!